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Vinegar Girl
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Fiction/Biography Profile
Kate Battista (Female), Teacher, Takes care of the family house for her eccentric widowed scientist father and younger sister; works at a preschool; helping her father keep his lab assistant from being deported by agreeing to marry him
Pyodr Cherbakov (Male), Labor negotiator, Russian, Kate's father's lab assistant; his Visa is about to expire unless he marries an American girl
Scientific discoveries
Fathers and daughters
Scientific research
Arranged marriage
Baltimore, Maryland - Mid-Atlantic States (U.S.)
Time Period
2000s -- 21st century
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  Library Journal Review

The third installment of the Hogarth Shakespeare series transfers the 16th--century comedy The Taming of the Shew, set in Padua, Italy, to Tyler's familiar territory, a contemporary Baltimore neighborhood. The Bard's obdurate, would-be lovers Katherina and Petruchio become Kate Battista, a temperamental, small children-averse preschool assistant on probation, and Pyotr Shcherbakov, the much-favored brilliant lab assistant of Kate's autoimmune disorder-fighting scientist father. As independent as Kate believes herself to be, she feels plenty put upon taking care of her absent-minded dad and her sought-after younger sister (Shakespeare's Bianca morphs into popular high schooler Bunny). When Kate discovers that Dr. Battista's plans to keep Pyotr employed beyond his three-year visa specifically include her.well, the shrew's taming is about to ensue. While Tyler clearly draws on the centuries-old original, her updated version could easily stand alone as an entertainingly eccentric family love story. Popular reader Kirsten Potter narrates with her usual energy, although the indeterminable accent she bestows on Pyotr feels unnecessarily heavy, even contrived. VERDICT That quibble aside, Tyler groupies will appreciate access to multiple formats to enjoy new work from a favorite author. Recommended. ["The Taming of the Shrew meets Green Card in this delightful reinvention that owes as much to Tyler's quirky sensibilities as it does to its literary forebear": LJ 5/1/16 starred review of the Hogarth: Crown hc.; June 2016 -LibraryReads top pick.]-Terry Hong, -Smithsonian BookDragon, -Washington, DC © Copyright 2016. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

  Publishers Weekly Review

In the latest of Hogarth's Shakespeare series, Pulitzer-winner Tyler transposes the famously shrewish Kate and her would-be master Petruchio to Tyler country: Baltimore's genteel Roland Park neighborhood. This modern retelling has no big plot surprises, but actress Potter's narration sparks new life into the taming of feisty Kate. Potter voices a cool but none-too-confident character who baffles her screwy scientist father and silly teenaged sister with sharp sarcasm and ironic humor. Against her inclinations, Kate begins to develop a liking for her father's lab assistant, Pyotr. Potter makes smooth work of Kate's transition from man-hater to wife and mother by slowing and softening her speech and diluting Kate's vinegar voice with sweeter sounds. A Hogarth hardcover. (June) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Pulitzer Prize winner and American master Anne Tyler brings us an inspired, witty and irresistible contemporary take on one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies <br>  <br> Kate Battista feels stuck. How did she end up running house and home for her eccentric scientist father and uppity, pretty younger sister Bunny? Plus, she's always in trouble at work - her pre-school charges adore her, but their parents don't always appreciate her unusual opinions and forthright manner. <br> <br> Dr. Battista has other problems. After years out in the academic wilderness, he is on the verge of a breakthrough. His research could help millions. There's only one problem: his brilliant young lab assistant, Pyotr, is about to be deported. And without Pyotr, all would be lost.<br> <br> When Dr. Battista cooks up an outrageous plan that will enable Pyotr to stay in the country, he's relying - as usual - on Kate to help him. Kate is furious: this time he's really asking too much. But will she be able to resist the two men's touchingly ludicrous campaign to bring her around?<br> <br> <br> From the Hardcover edition.
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