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Strong female protagonist
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Alison Green (Female), College student, Used to be the most powerful superhero under the name Mega Girl; tries to help the world and go to college
Young adult
Graphic novel
Coming of age
Good vs. evil
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Strong Female Protagonist (SFP) is a webcomic which updates twice a week, one page at a time. Collecting a webcomic in a print volume can be a gamble, revealing the hiccups of a creative process that is very different from creating a straight-to-print graphic novel or comic book. Serial webcomic storytelling may seem disjointed, illustrations may not flow in a satisfying way, and/or the transition from web to print may seem self-congratulatory or unnecessary. But in SFP's case, its slow and steady evolutionary process is quite appealing. SFP is the story of a college-aged superhero who has almost, but not quite, hung up her mask to live a normal life. She's preoccupied with questions of justice and duty, discouraged by the special treatment she gets because of her superstrength, and unable to escape her inborn need to save the world. As the story develops, our heroine's internal struggle becomes more fully realized; her relationships with her fellow superhumans gain depth and poignancy, and the illustration style grows more confident, to the point where you're utterly involved by the end of the book. Luckily, the story continues online. Verdict A satisfying webcomic transferred successfully to the printed page, a great and promising story of a superhero, and a strong young woman, in progress.-Emilia Packard, Austin, TX (c) Copyright 2014. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
With superstrength and invulnerability, Alison Green used to be one of the most powerful superheroes around. Fighting crime with other teenagers under the alter ego Mega Girl was fun - until an encounter with Menace, her mind-reading arch enemy, showed her evidence of a sinister conspiracy, and suddenly battling giant robots didn't seem so important. Now Alison is going to college and trying to find ways to help the world while still getting to class on time. It's impossible to escape the past, however, and everyone has their own idea of what it means to be a hero....<br> After a phenomenal success on Kickstarter, Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag bring their popular webcomic into print, collecting the first four issues, as well as some all-new, full-color pages!
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