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Pogue's basics : essential tips and shortcuts (that no one bothers to tell you) for simplifying the technology in your life
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Did you know that can you scroll a Web page just by tapping the space bar? How do you recover photos you've deleted by accident? What can you do if your cell phone's battery is dead by dinnertime each day? <p> When it comes to technology, there's no driver's ed class or government-issued pamphlet covering the essentials. Somehow, you're just supposed to know how to use your phone, tablet, computer, camera, Web browser, e-mail, and social networks. Luckily, award-winning tech expert David Pogue comes to the rescue with Pogue's Basics, a book that will change your relationship with all of the technology in your life. <p> With wit and authority, Pogue's Basics collects every essential technique for making your gadgets seem easier, faster, and less of a hassle. Crystal-clear illustrations accompany these 225 easy-to-follow tips. <p> Tips include: <p> Make the type bigger on your screen · Bring a wet phone back from the dead · The fastest way to charge an iPad · The 10 best apps to put on your phone · How to type symbols · Bypass annoyingly long voice mail instructions · Use map apps on your phone without an Internet connection · Sign a contract electronically · See what's in a file without opening it · The 12 best free services on the Web · Turn off automatic bullets, lists, and links in Word · Protect yourself from online scams and viruses · Set up an automatic backup system on your computer · What to do about junk e-mail · Send photos so that they don't bounce back · Print or email articles without ads · How to get money for your used electronics · Rename a bunch of files in one fell swoop · Make YouTube videos sharper · and much more. <p> At last, you can lose that nagging, insecure feeling that you're not the master of your own gadgets. The tech tips in Pogue's Basics are all you need--the shortcuts to a happier technological life.
Table of Contents
Introduction: A Therapy Session About Techp. 1
Part 1Your Gadgets
Chapter 1Phonesp. 12
Chapter 2Tabletsp. 43
Chapter 3Camerasp. 49
Chapter 4Everything Else with a Plugp. 65
Part 2The Computer
Chapter 5Computersp. 76
Chapter 6The Macp. 111
Chapter 7Windowsp. 146
Chapter 8Word Processing, Number Crunching, Slideshowingp. 183
Chapter 9What Not to Dop. 209
Part 3The Internet
Chapter 10E-mailp. 228
Chapter 11Web Browsersp. 243
Chapter 12Googlep. 265
Chapter 13Videos Onlinep. 285
Chapter 1412 Free Services You'll Adorep. 297
Chapter 1510 Fantastic Phone Apps to Install Right Nowp. 311
Part 4Social Networks
Chapter 16Facebookp. 328
Chapter 17Twitterp. 335
Indexp. 344
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