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Katie (Female), Chef, Restaurateur, Runs a successful restaurant; ex-boyfriend shwos back up in her life; her fling with another chef turns sour; her best waitress getrs badly hurt; a mysterious girl gives her instructions on how to do a do-it-yourself-do-over; eats a mushroom and she gets a second chance to get things right
Graphic novel
Science fiction
Life choices
Search for truth
Second chances
Love triangles
Time Period
2000s -- 21st century
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  Publishers Weekly Review

The bestselling author of the Scott Pilgrim series returns with another hit. Twenty-nine-year-old chef Katie runs a restaurant called Seconds; it's successful, but she dreams of starting a restaurant of which she can be part-owner. Katie is frustrated in her love life, having lost her boyfriend, Max, and construction of the new restaurant is moving slowly, with many setbacks and added expenses. In a desperate state, Katie discovers the house spirit of Seconds-a crouching sprite who lives off scraps-who unwillingly gives her a chance to reverse a recent error that led to a grisly accident in the kitchen. Katie soon becomes addicted to this magical method of fixing mistakes, but as she changes more and more about her world, reality itself starts to deteriorate. O'Malley's engaging narrative voice hasn't diminished-even the self-absorbed Katie is likeable enough to root for, although it's obvious that she's making things worse for herself. O'Malley's sweet, nimble art, now in color, has acquired more confidence: the plot unfolds cinematically, and his character designs are more appealing than ever. A solidly hilarious entry in the "what if we could do it all over again" genre. (July) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER<br> <br> The highly anticipated new standalone full-color graphic novel from Bryan Lee O'Malley, author and artist of the hugely bestselling Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series <br> <br> Katie's got it pretty good. She's a talented young chef, she runs a successful restaurant, and she has big plans to open an even better one. Then, all at once, progress on the new location bogs down, her charming ex-boyfriend pops up, her fling with another chef goes sour, and her best waitress gets badly hurt. And just like that, Katie's life goes from pretty good to not so much. What she needs is a second chance. Everybody deserves one, after all--but they don't come easy. Luckily for Katie, a mysterious girl appears in the middle of the night with simple instructions for a do-it-yourself do-over:<br>  <br> 1. Write your mistake <br> 2. Ingest one mushroom <br> 3. Go to sleep <br> 4. Wake anew <br>  <br> And just like that, all the bad stuff never happened, and Katie is given another chance to get things right. She's also got a dresser drawer full of magical mushrooms--and an irresistible urge to make her life not just good, but perfect. Too bad it's against the rules. But Katie doesn't care about the rules--and she's about to discover the unintended consequences of the best intentions.<br>  <br> From the mind and pen behind the acclaimed Scott Pilgrim series comes a madcap new tale of existential angst, everyday obstacles, young love, and ancient spirits that's sharp-witted and tenderhearted, whimsical and wise.<br> <br> Praise for Seconds <br>   <br> "The cartoonist, best known for the Scott Pilgrim series, delivers one of the most enjoyable reads I've had all year with this magical graphic novel. I dare you to not read it all in one sitting." --Whitney Matheson, USA Today <br>   <br> " Seconds arrives with high expectations, and it meets them all, delivering the style and humor of [Bryan Lee] O'Malley's past works with greater emphasis on mood, detail, and complex character relationships." -- The A.V. Club <br> <br> "Richly imagined and vibrantly drawn, Seconds is a funny, surprising, and enchanting read." -- Publishers Weekly <br> <br> "In Seconds, Bryan Lee O'Malley plays the angst of youth against the fabric of a larger epic. In doing so, he enriches both. A great ride!" --Guillermo del Toro <br> <br> "Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds is adorable, haunting, funny, and beautiful. A perfect recipe for a great graphic novel." --Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics
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