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Bumpology : the myth-busting pregnancy book for curious parents-to-be
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For Geddes, a London-based science journalist and mother of two, this book began as a 14-part blog written for New Scientist magazine during her first pregnancy. As questions multiplied, the ensuing book became "a two-and-a-half-year obsession with the science of bumps, birth, and newborn babies." Divided into three sections ("Bump," "Birth," and "Babies"), the text covers a wide range of questions: mundane, quirky, fascinating, and somber. Each section is then broken down into such topics as "Food and Drink," "The Pregnant Body," "The Big Push," and "Weaning." This structure helps readers focus on their specific interests, though the book might just as easily be read as an entertaining romp through the new parent's mind. Geddes explains her method of sifting through the research, noting that many studies need to be carefully dissected, and often citing the Cochran Collaboration, a respected group with a mission to "cut through the confusion." Because of the author's journalism background, Geddes's writing and science-based explanations are substantive yet accessible. Agent: Kristyn Keene, ICM. (Mar.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
From award-winning science journalist Linda Geddes, a fascinating and practical companion for expectant parents that makes sense of conflicting advice about pregnancy, birth, and raising babies.<br> <br> Can I eat peanuts during pregnancy?<br> <br> Do unborn babies dream?<br> <br> Can men get pregnancy symptoms too?<br> <br> How much do babies remember?<br> <br> How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?<br> <br> The moment she discovers she's pregnant, every woman suddenly has a million ques­tions about the life that's developing inside her. Linda Geddes was no different, except that as a journalist writing for New Scientist magazine she had access to the most up-to-date scientific research. What began as a personal quest to find the truth behind headlines and information that didn't patronize or confuse is now a brilliant new book. In Bumpology , Geddes discusses the latest research on every topic that expectant parents encounter, from first pregnancy symptoms to pregnancy diet, the right birth plan, and a baby's first year.
Table of Contents
Forewordp. xvii
Food and Drink
1Why do pregnant women crave unhealthy food?p. 3
2Do pregnant women really eat coal?p. 4
3What causes morning sickness?p. 6
4Is there anything I can do to reduce morning sickness?p. 8
5How much alcohol is it safe to drink during pregnancy?p. 9
6Can unborn babies taste what Mom is eating?p. 12
7Can Mom's food fads influence her baby's palate?p. 13
8Is coffee bad for my baby?p. 14
9Can I eat peanuts during pregnancy?p. 15
10Should pregnant women really eat for two?p. 16
11How dangerous is it to eat Camembert and blue cheese?p. 17
The Pregnant Body
12Can the shape of my bump or anything else predict the gender of my child?p. 19
13Why don't pregnant women topple over?p. 22
14Why do women get a linea nigra and other brown patches on their skin during pregnancy?p. 23
15Is there anything I can do to prevent stretch marks?p. 24
16Do big parents have bigger babies?p. 26
17Why do some women show more than others? And why do women show earlier on in second pregnancies?p. 27
18Does a woman's body shape permanently change after pregnancy?p. 28
19Can Jacuzzis and saunas really cause miscarriage?p. 29
20Is it safe to have sex?p. 30
21Why do so many human embryos miscarry before twelve weeks?p. 31
22Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?p. 34
23What stomach exercises can I do when pregnant?p. 35
24Will lying on my back harm my baby?p. 36
25Do pelvic-floor exercises actually work?p. 37
26How do I know if I'm doing my pelvic-floor exercises properly?p. 38
Baby on the Brain
27Does pregnancy make women forgetful?p. 40
28Is stress during pregnancy bad for my baby?p. 42
29Can men get pregnancy symptoms, too?p. 44
30Why do women go into nesting overdrive in the final weeks of pregnancy?p. 45
31Are some women naturally more maternal than others?p. 46
32Do men change when they become dads?p. 48
The Developing Baby
33When does a baby become conscious?p. 50
34Does a wriggly bump equal a boisterous baby?p. 52
35Can a baby detect its mother's mood?p. 54
36What do babies learn during their time in the womb?p. 55
37Will playing Mozart to my bump make my baby more intelligent?p. 58
38Will my baby look like Mom or Dad?p. 59
39Do unborn babies dream?p. 61
40Are babies more active at night?p. 63
41How do fingerprints develop?p. 63
Get a Move On
42Who decides when it's time to come out?p. 69
43Can my state of mind delay labor?p. 71
44Is it normal for pregnancies to run past their due date?p. 72
45Can curry or anything else help trigger labor?p. 73
46Does having a membrane sweep work?p. 76
47Will being induced mean I'm less likely to have a natural birth?p. 77
48Will rocking on my hands and knees cause my baby to turn over?p. 79
49Can I take a bath once my water has broken?p. 80
The Big Push
50Why do humans find it so difficult to give birth?p. 81
51Why are human babies born so helpless?p. 82
52What's the biggest baby ever born?p. 83
53Is there any way to predict how long labor will last?p. 84
54Are vaginal births really better than C-sections?p. 86
55Are home births riskier than hospital births?p. 94
56Does walking or squatting speed up labor?p. 96
57Should I push?p. 98
58Is it better to tear or be cut in terms of healing?p. 99
59Does perineal massage work?p. 100
60Is there anything else I can do to prevent tearing?p. 101
61Will delaying cord-clamping benefit my baby?p. 102
62What's more painful: childbirth or having your leg chopped off?p. 104
63Do hormones block the pain of labor?p. 106
64Why do women come back for more?p. 107
65Can hypnosis or alternative therapies reduce labor pain?p. 108
66Does an epidural make a C-section more likely?p. 112
67Do gas and air or Demerol relieve pain?p. 114
The Post-Pregnancy Body
68What causes the baby blues?p. 116
69Why can't I poop?p. 117
70How do I know if my stitches are okay?p. 119
71Can other countries (for example, France) teach us anything about getting back into shape after birth?p. 120
72Is it normal to be turned off by sex after birth?p. 123
73Is there anything I can do to keep my breasts from sagging after breast-feeding?p. 123
74Do women who breast-feed really lose their baby weight faster than those who bottle-feed?p. 125
75Do cells from my baby live on in my body after birth?p. 126
Portrait of a Newborn
76Does birth distress the baby?p. 131
77Why do newborns look like their dads?p. 132
78What do newborns know?p. 133
79How much can newborns see?p. 141
80Why do newborns have blue eyes?p. 143
81How do babies go from breathing nothing to breathing air?p. 143
82Why do newborn babies smell so good?p. 145
83Does skin-to-skin contact really soothe my baby?p. 146
84How do newborns know to seek the nipple for food?p. 149
85What causes the Moro or "startle" reflex?p. 150
Baby Bodies
86Are baby growth charts accurate?p. 153
87Do big babies grow into big adults?p. 156
88Why don't babies have moles?p. 157
89What causes colic?p. 157
90What is the best way to settle a crying baby?p. 161
91Why do some belly buttons become "outies"?p. 162
92Do babies heal faster than adults?p. 163
93Why do babies gnaw on things even before they start teething?p. 164
94Why is baby hair a different color from adult hair, and why do babies lose their hair?p. 166
95Can newborns sweat?p. 168
96Do fontanelles hurt?p. 168
97Are pacifiers good or bad for babies?p. 169
98Can babies tell the difference between night and day?p. 171
99Are a baby's sleep patterns inherited?p. 172
100How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?p. 173
101Is co-sleeping good or bad for my baby?p. 177
102Will leaving my baby to cry cause any long-term damage?p. 179
103What's more effective: introducing strict routines or immediately responding to my baby's demands?p. 182
The White Stuff
104How does breast-feeding work?p. 184
105Should I feed on demand or wait three to four hours between feeds?p. 185
106Is breast really best for babies?p. 187
107How long do I need to breast-feed in order for my baby to reap the benefits?p. 190
108Could combining breast- and formula-feeding offer babies the best of both worlds?p. 192
109What is in formula milk, and why does it taste fishy?p. 193
110Does "nipple confusion" really exist?p. 196
111Does what I eat change the flavor of my milk?p. 197
112How much alcohol gets into breast milk?p. 198
113Is morning breast milk any different from evening breast milk?p. 200
114Can men lactate?p. 201
115When should I wean my baby on to solid foods?p. 203
116How do I get my baby to like vegetables?p. 205
117Is there any evidence for baby-led weaning being better than parent-led weaning?p. 206
118Should I force my baby to eat?p. 208
119How many calories does a baby need?p. 209
120Should I avoid feeding my baby nuts or eggs to protect it against allergies?p. 210
The Brown Stuff
121Are reusable diapers really greener than disposables?p. 212
122What about eco-friendly disposables?p. 213
123Why is baby poop yellow?p. 215
124Why does baby poop smell like mustard?p. 216
125Is baby poop "cleaner" than adult poop?p. 217
Baby Brains
126Is the temperament of a newborn carried through into childhood and beyond?p. 219
127When do babies develop a sense of themselves as individuals?p. 221
128Can parents modify their baby's personality traits?p. 222
129Does the order of birth influence children's personalities?p. 223
130Why do twins develop different personalities?p. 225
131Do babies like some people better than others?p. 226
132How much do babies remember?p. 227
133Why don't we remember being babies?p. 229
134Does day care make babies sociable or stressed?p. 231
135Are babies born in summer any different from winter babies?p. 234
136Does being born at the start of the school year give you an academic advantage?p. 236
137When will my baby understand what I'm saying?p. 238
138Why do babies say "Dada" before "Mama"?p. 239
139When does baby babble take on meaning?p. 240
140Do babies communicate without language?p. 242
141Do more physical babies develop language faster than sedentary babies?p. 243
142Why do women speak to babies in a silly voice?p. 244
143When do babies start learning language?p. 245
144When is the best time to introduce a second language?p. 246
The Next One
145Are women more fertile after having a baby?p. 249
146Am I likely to become pregnant when breast-feeding?p. 250
147I had no problem getting pregnant last time, so why am I struggling to conceive now?p. 251
148Why do some women seem to give birth only to boys?p. 253
149Is there anything I can do to influence the gender of my baby?p. 257
150Do twins run in families?p. 259
Acknowledgmentsp. 261
Notesp. 263
Glossaryp. 303
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