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Mama doc medicine : finding calm and confidence in parenting, child health, and work-life balance
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Pediatrician, mother of two, and "Seattle Mamma Doc" blogger Swanson combines some of her most popular blog posts with new information in this helpful guide for parents. Swanson has a busy pediatric clinic schedule, so she understands the struggle to balance family life and professional responsibilities. Arranged in four sections ("Prevention," "Social-Emotional Support," "Immunizations," and "Work-Life Balance/Mothering"), her guide is practical as well as personal. Swanson shares her vulnerabilities and fears: admitting to "helicopter parent" tendencies, she frets about her baby's soft spot, and panics at the thought of the bouncy house and a certain bike her son rides. In addition, she writes with candor about her (ultimately unfounded) doubts that she could love a second child as much as the first. Wearing her doctor hat (and partnering here with the AAP), Swanson devotes an entire section to defending immunizations; while recognizing parental concerns, she is a strong proponent of their use. She supports technology and encourages parents to seek information online, from reputable sources. Parents looking for current research as well as friendly advice will appreciate Swanson's centered approach to doctoring and parenting. (Mar.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
"Parents want to do what's right," explains Mama Doc blogger and physician Wendy Sue Swanson. Yet many parents find that defining what's right can sometimes be elusive, so Dr. Swanson has created this innovative guide to help. Pediatrician, mother and blogger Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson helps decipher today's conflicting medical opinions, offers helpful online resources, and shares what she's learned over many years from her patients, friends and family in this enlightening guide to parenting. Based on the popular SeattleMamaDoc blog, Mama Doc Medicine is a timely collection of almost 100 entries grouped under the following headings: 1. Prevention for Infants and Toddlers 2. Social-Emotional Support 3. Immunizations 4. Work-Life Balance/Mothering Using Dr. Swanson's experience as a mother and physician, this book provides simple answers to the "how," "what," "why," and "who" questions of parenting.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Forewordp. xvii
Introductionp. xix
Part 1Preventionp. 1
Infographic: Keeping Calm About Cryingp. 2
Introductionp. 5
1Science of the Soft Spotp. 7
2A Spoonful of Bacteria for Baby?p. 11
3Mix and Match: Goldilocks Formulap. 15
4Colic, Crying, and the Period of PURPLE Cryingp. 21
5Reading a Growth Chartp. 29
6100 Caloriesp. 33
7Why Broad-spectrum Sunscreen?p. 37
8Protecting Babies From the Sunp. 41
9If It Were My Child: No Television in the Bedroomp. 43
10What Does Television Do to My Kid's Brain?p. 47
11What Your Child Watches on Television Mattersp. 49
12Why No Television Before Bed Is Betterp. 55
13Asking About Guns in Your Housep. 57
14About Violent Video Gamesp. 61
15Going Back to School Monday After Newtown Shootingsp. 65
16Less Is More: Pinkeye, Fever, Ear Infections, Teething, and Computed Tomography Scansp. 69
17Drowning: Quieter and Faster Than You Thinkp. 83
18Why I Hate the Bouncy Housep. 85
19Seven Truths About the "Stomach Flu"p. 89
20New Bikep. 93
21Helicopter: You Betchap. 97
22Understanding Risks for Sudden Infant Death Syndromep. 99
23Why I Hate Sleep Positionersp. 103
24Two Is the New One: Rear-Facing Car Seats Until at Least Age 2p. 107
25Can We Prioritize Sleep?p. 111
26If It Were My Child: No Texting and Drivingp. 115
27How Do Doctors Screen for Autism Spectrum Disorders?p. 119
28When Not to Worry About Autism Spectrum Disordersp. 121
29Five Ways to Avoid Cavitiesp. 123
30Read the Most Devastating Articlep. 125
31Prepare: Make a 3-Day Disaster Kitp. 129
32What to Do About a Lice Infestationp. 135
Part 2Social-Emotional Supportp. 141
Infographic: Social-Emotional Growthp. 142
Introductionp. 145
33BPOD: Best Part of Dayp. 147
34Helping Your Anxious Child: Blowing Colorsp. 149
35Children With Gay Parentsp. 151
36Love: Unequal and Incomparablep. 155
37Mindful Parentingp. 157
38Teasing Out Self-talk: Our Inner Criticp. 161
39New Rule: Be Without a Ceilingp. 163
40Learning to Lose?p. 165
41Plan a Vacation, Starp. 167
42Why the Pony Doesn't Winp. 169
43Anything for a Napp. 171
44Surviving Tantrums: The Anger Trapp. 175
45Surviving Separation Anxietyp. 179
46I Hope He Never Reads Itp. 183
47The Saturday 8oxp. 185
48Playp. 187
49Soccer Momp. 193
50Inspiring Generosity in Our Childrenp. 195
51Miserable Preschool Drop-offsp. 199
52No More "Clean Plate Club"p. 201
53Digital Sabbatical and Digital Sabbathp. 203
54Dr Googlep. 207
Part 3Immunizationsp. 211
Infographic: What's the Real Story on Vaccines?p. 212
Introductionp. 215
55Cocoon a Newborn: Only an E-mail Awayp. 223
56What Is Whooping Cough? And What About the Tdap Shot?p. 225
57Measles in Americap. 229
58Do You Believe in Vaccines?p. 233
59Pediatricians' Conditional Comfort With Alternative Vaccine Schedulesp. 249
60Pediatricians Who Refuse Families Who Don't Immunizep. 255
61Most Parents Avoid Alternative Vaccination Schedulesp. 257
62The Injustice of Immunization Interviews: Vaccines on the Newsp. 261
63Pile on the Paperwork: Vaccine Exemptionp. 265
64Keep the Bookp. 269
65Fear of Needlesp. 271
66People Are Dying From the Flup. 275
67Varicella Vaccine: It Worksp. 279
68Hepatitis A: A Vaccine for Thatp. 283
69Chickenpox Partiesp. 285
70Don't Make Promises: Yearly Immunization Updatep. 289
71Human Papillomavirusp. 295
Part 4Work-Life Balance/Motheringp. 299
Infographic: Keeping the Balancep. 300
Introductionp. 303
72Competitive Parentingp. 307
73The Working Mom Wonders, "What Am I Doing?"p. 309
74Only One Decisionp. 313
75Doctor, Daughter, Mother, and Wife: 4 Cornersp. 315
76She-Woman Wednesdayp. 317
77Every Illness, a Love Storyp. 319
78The Juggle: Working and Breastfeedingp. 321
79Complex Problem: Raising a Childp. 325
80Nothing I Learned in Medical School: On Parentingp. 327
81Four Hours on a School Busp. 331
82When Parenthood Exceeds Expectationsp. 335
83"Having It All": Stumblingp. 337
84The Tiger Momp. 341
85"The Wife"p. 347
86Magicp. 349
87Open Letter to Marissa Mayerp. 351
88One Mother's Day Giftp. 353
89Getting It "Right": Birthdays in Mommylandp. 355
90Tina Fey's Triannual Sob, the Mommy Wars, and a Trucep. 357
91A Single Momentp. 359
92I Love Being a Working Momp. 361
93Baby Elephants and the Working Momp. 365
94Time Magazine and the Mommy Middle Roadp. 369
Online Resources for Parentsp. 373
Indexp. 379
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