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What to feed your baby : cost-conscious nutrition for your infant
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Based on a book that celebrated pediatric gastroenterologist Cohen wrote 30 years ago (Healthy Babies, Healthy Kids), this fact-packed resource, featuring numerous flow charts and tables (about vitamins, commercial formula comparisons, infant-growth rates, and scads of other data), covers recent and traditional pediatric nutritional science in 16 concise chapters structured in a question-and-answer format, and a thorough appendix. The author's philosophy is reassuring: "The entire concept of parenthood is based on nourishing and nurturing your children during every aspect of their development." An advocate of breast-feeding whose children and grandchildren were nursed, yet received supplemental formula, Cohen has also consulted with most major formula manufacturers. Breast may not be best for all mothers and babies, and chapters cover topics ranging from allergies, colic, normal weight, pooping, prematurity, and essential nutrients to timing the introduction of solid food and toddler dietary recommendations for breast- and bottle-fed infants. As an experienced doctor, Cohen has seen it all, but except for some old-fashioned wisdom found in his excellent anecdotes about babies he has successfully treated, and the helpful summary of information at each chapter's conclusion, this volume contains more algorithms than accessible mommy-friendly advice. (July) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Since economic drivers now supplement nutritional value when parents make feeding decisions, What to Feed Your Baby: Cost Conscious Nutrition for Your Infant presents vital information that will help parents provide optimal nutrition for their infants in a cost effective way. The author's clear explanations and thoughtful recommendations are often surprising, occasionally startling, sometimes controversial, and always useful. Common questions are carefully answered and supplemented with charts, figures, and summaries that highlight important points. The author's innovative, cost-sensitive methods can save both new and seasoned parents hundreds to thousands of dollars yearly and improve their families' nutrition at the same time. His recommendations, which have received national commendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, serve as the basis for a better understanding of the complexities of infant formula, the benefits of breastfeeding, handling allergies, introducing solid foods, and other feeding decisions, while addressing cost-sensitivity and overall nutrition for newborns and infants. Using poignant patient narratives and a conversational voice, Dr. Stan Cohen offers parents a fuller picture of the broad spectrum of eating and feeding choices facing parents today.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgmentsp. ix
Chapter 1First Decisionsp. 1
Chapter 2Back to the Breastp. 7
Chapter 3Breastfeeding Is Almost as Simple as It Looksp. 19
Chapter 4If You Choose to Use a Bottlep. 43
Chapter 5Specialty Formulas for Babies with Problemsp. 63
Chapter 6Gastroesophageal Refluxp. 77
Chapter 7Colic and Fussinessp. 89
Chapter 8Pooping Problemsp. 101
Chapter 9Are Allergies Everywhere?p. 111
Chapter 10Underweight or Undergrownp. 123
Chapter 11The Premature Infantp. 139
Chapter 12Overweight or Just Plain Healthy?p. 151
Chapter 13Infant Foods and How to Introduce Themp. 157
Chapter 14Transitioning to the Real Stuffp. 173
Chapter 15Essential Nutrientsp. 185
Chapter 16Transitioning to Toddlerhoodp. 213
Appendixp. 217
Notesp. 235
Glossaryp. 249
Resourcesp. 255
Indexp. 257
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