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Fiction/Biography Profile
Boone (Male), Mentally ill, Unbalanced; convinced by his psychologist that he is a serial killer; becomes leader of a cult of monsters
Lori (Female), Boone's girlfriend
Decker (Male), Psychiatrist, Boone's doctor
Love story
Social isolation
Nature of good and evil
Human nature
Midian - Canada
Time Period
-- 20th century
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  Publishers Weekly Review

Comprised of a novel and four long stories, this volume is classic Barker, full of lurid, bloody imagery and action involving large-than-life characters. It's great fun and provides plenty of thrills or giggles, depending on how seriously you take it. In the novel, Cabal , Boone, a recovering psychotic, is cleverly manipulated by his psychiatrist, Decker, into believing that he has committed several savage murders. Decker, of course, is the villain, but Boone does not catch on. Considering himself unfit for human society, Boone flees, eventually to come upon Midian, a large crypt inhabited by the Nightbreed, dead souls in shape-changing bodies, neither good nor evil, who turn Boone into one of their own. Of the shorter works, the best written is ``The Life of Death,'' about a woman who becomes enthralled by death and is transformed into a kind of Typhoid Mary. Another, ``The Last Illusion,'' which concerns the fate of a magician's corpse, is full of intriguing moments. First serial to Penthouse; Doubleday Book Club main selection; Literary Guild featured alternate. (October) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved
For more than two decades, Clive Barker has twisted the worlds of horrific and surrealistic fiction into a terrifying, transcendent genre all his own. With skillful prose, he enthralls even as he horrifies; with uncanny insight, he disturbs as profoundly as he reveals. Evoking revulsion and admiration, anticipation and dread, Barker's works explore the darkest contradictions of the human condition: our fear of life and our dreams of death.
Table of Contents
Part 1Loco The Truth Academy
The Rhapsodist Necropolis
A Different Ape Feet of Clay
Part 2Death's a Bitch Rough Roads Where
He Fell Touched Sun and Shade
Part 3Dark Ages
The Stalking Ground Above and Below
The Prophetic Child Tabernacle
Part 4Saints and Sinners
The Toll Now or Never Delirium
The Wrath of the Righteous
Part 5The Good Night
A Friendless Face Driven That Desire Triumph of the Mask
The Harrowing Cabal Abide with Me
The Life of DeathHow Spoilers BleedTwilight at the Towers
The Last Illusion
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