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The better sister : a novel
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Fiction/Biography Profile
Chloe (Female), Stepmother, Sister of Nicky; earned scholarship to an Ivy League school; gets married to Nicky's ex; husband is murdered by an intruder
Nicky (Female), Reckless, Mother, Divorced, Sister of Chloe; married a lawyer; loses her husband to Chloe;
Search for truth
Murder investigations
Estranged families
Family secrets
New York - Mid-Atlantic States (U.S.)
Time Period
2000s -- 21st century
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  Library Journal Review

Chloe Taylor is married to her estranged sister Nicky's handsome ex-husband Adam Macintosh, and raising her sister's son, Ethan, as her own. She's also the editor-in-chief at a women's magazine and has recently gained significant recognition-both good and bad-for a series highlighting everyday women and the #MeToo movement. By all appearances, she's super successful, with a loving spouse, a two-book deal, and a well-paying job. Then Adam is murdered, and a staged crime scene and an inconsistent account of Ethan's whereabouts leads to his arrest. Not sure whom she can trust, Chloe reluctantly lets Nicky back into her life. Together, they deal with the consequences of having their secrets exposed during a high-profile trial while also confronting the truth about the man they both once loved. VERDICT Burke (The Wife; The Ex) writes a straightforward and uncomplicated character-driven mystery that also delves into the topics of sisterhood and abuse. Vague references to current events might eventually date the story, but mystery lovers will find much to enjoy in this fast-moving whodunit.-Vicki Briner, Broomfield, CO © Copyright 2019. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

  Publishers Weekly Review

Fourteen years before the present day of this mesmerizing domestic thriller from bestseller Burke (The Wife), Chloe Taylor helped her brother-in-law, Adam Macintosh, defeat her rebellious older sister, Nicky, in their custody battle over the couple's two-year-old son, Ethan. Four years later, Chloe married Adam and became Ethan's stepmother. Now, Nicky lives alone in Ohio, selling jewelry on Etsy, while 41-year-old Chloe lives with 47-year-old Adam and 16-year-old Ethan in New York City, working as editor-in-chief of Eve magazine. When someone kills Adam in the family's East Hampton vacation home, Chloe's biggest fear is that the court will grant Nicky guardianship of Ethan. Then the police arrest Ethan for the murder, compelling the estranged siblings to work together to solve Adam's murder and exonerate their son. As Chloe investigates Adam's final months, she contemplates her career, performs a marital post-mortem, and reflects on the personal cost of professional success. Meanwhile, Nicky has her own agenda. Burke paints a poignant portrait of sisterhood and sacrifice with this twist-riddled, character-driven whodunit. Author tour. Agent: Philip Spitzer, Philip Spitzer Literary. (Apr.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
<p>New York Times Bestselling Author</p> <p>From Alafair Burke--New York Times bestselling author of the runaway hit, The Wife-- comes another twisty tale of domestic noir. When a prominent Manhattan lawyer is murdered, two estranged sisters--one the dead man's widow, the other his ex--must set aside mistrust and old resentments ... but can they escape their past?</p> <p>Keep your enemies close and your sister closer.</p> <p>Though Chloe was the younger of the two Taylor sisters, she always seemed to be the one in charge. She was the honor roll student with big dreams and an even bigger work ethic. Nicky--always restless and more than a little reckless--was the opposite of her ambitious little sister. She floated from job to job and man to man, and stayed close to home in Cleveland.</p> <p>For a while, it seemed that both sisters had found happiness. Chloe earned a scholarship to an Ivy League school and moved to New York City, where she landed a coveted publishing job. Nicky married promising young attorney Adam Macintosh and gave birth to a baby boy they named Ethan. The Taylor sisters became virtual strangers.</p> <p>Now, more than fifteen years later, their lives are drastically different--and Chloe is married to Adam. When he's murdered by an intruder at the couple's East Hampton beach house, Chloe reluctantly allows her teenage stepson's biological mother--her estranged sister, Nicky--back into her life. But when the police begin to treat Ethan as a suspect in his father's death, the two sisters are forced to unite . . . and to confront the truth behind family secrets they have tried to bury in the past.</p>
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