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Virtual and Augmented Reality.
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<p> An easy-to-understand primer on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality </p> <p>Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are driving the next technological revolution. If you want to get in on the action, this book helps you understand what these technologies are, their history, how they're being used, and how they'll affect consumers both personally and professionally in the very near future.</p> <p>With VR and AR poised to become mainstream within the next few years, an accessible book to bring users up to speed on the subject is sorely needed--and that's where this handy reference comes in! Rather than focusing on a specific piece of hardware (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, iOS ARKit) or software (Unity, Unreal Engine), Virtual & Augmented Reality For Dummies offers a broad look at both VR and AR, giving you a bird's eye view of what you can expect as they continue to take the world by storm.</p> <p>* Keeps you up-to-date on the pulse of this fast-changing technology</p> <p>* Explores the many ways AR/VR are being used in fields such as healthcare, education, and entertainment</p> <p>* Includes interviews with designers, developers, and technologists currently working in the fields of VR and AR</p> <p>Perfect for both potential content creators and content consumers, this book will change the way you approach and contribute to these emerging technologies. </p>
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 3
Beyond the Bookp. 4
Where to Go from Herep. 4
Part 1Getting Started with Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 5
Chapter 1Defining Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 7
Introducing Virtual Reality and Augmented Realityp. 8
Looking at Some Other Types of Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 11
Mixed realityp. 11
Augmented virtualityp. 13
Extended realityp. 14
Taking a Quick History Tourp. 14
The father of virtual realityp. 15
Augmented reality gets a namep. 16
Early virtual reality failuresp. 16
Virtual reality breaks throughp. 17
Augmented reality hits the mainstreamp. 18
Evaluating the Technology Hype Cyclep. 19
Chapter 2Exploring the Current State of Virtual Realityp. 23
Looking at the Available Form Factorsp. 24
Focusing on Featuresp. 29
Room-scale versus stationary experiencep. 29
Inside-out trackingp. 31
Haptic feedbackp. 33
Audiop. 35
Considering Controllersp. 36
Toggle buttonp. 36
Integrated hardware touchpadp. 37
Gaze controlsp. 37
Keyboard and mousep. 38
Standard gamepadsp. 40
Motion controllersp. 40
Hand trackingp. 43
Eye trackingp. 44
... and much morep. 45
Recognizing the Current Issues with VRp. 47
Simulator sicknessp. 47
The screen-door effectp. 49
Movement in VRp. 50
Health effectsp. 51
Cannibalization of the marketp. 51
Assessing Adoption Ratesp. 52
Chapter 3Exploring the Current State of Augmented Realityp. 55
Looking at the Available Form Factorsp. 57
Mobile devicesp. 57
AR headsetsp. 58
AR glassesp. 60
Considering Controllersp. 61
Touchp. 62
Gazep. 63
Keyboard and mousep. 64
Voicep. 64
Hand trackingp. 65
Motion controllersp. 66
Recognizing the Current Issues with Augmented Realityp. 68
Form factors and first impressionsp. 68
Cost and availabilityp. 69
Perceived usefulnessp. 69
Trackingp. 70
Field of viewp. 72
Visualsp. 73
Assessing Adoption Ratesp. 74
Part 2Consuming Content in Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 77
Chapter 4Consuming Content in Virtual Realityp. 79
Exploring Consumer-Grade Virtual Realityp. 79
High-end devicesp. 80
Mid-tier devicesp. 81
Low-end devicesp. 82
Identifying Near-Future Hardwarep. 83
HTC Vive Prop. 84
HTC Vive Focusp. 85
Lenovo Mirage Solop. 86
Oculus Santa Cruzp. 86
Oculus Gop. 88
Pimax8Kp. 89
LooxidVRp. 90
Varjop. 91
Comparing Current and Future Optionsp. 92
Chapter 5Consuming Content in Augmented Realityp. 95
Exploring Consumer-Grade Augmented Realityp. 96
Microsoft HoloLensp. 97
Meta 2p. 98
Magic Leapp. 100
Mira Prismp. 101
Apple ARKit and Google ARCorep. 102
Identifying Near-Future Hardwarep. 105
Heads-up displaysp. 105
AR devicesp. 106
Comparing Current and Future Optionsp. 107
Part 3Creating Content in Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 109
Chapter 6Evaluating Your Projectp. 111
Assessing Your Project's Technology Needsp. 111
What is the elevator pitch for my project?p. 112
What are my goals and objectives?p. 113
What problem does my project uniquely solve?p. 114
Who is the target market?p. 115
What should the end-user experience be?p. 116
Choosing Virtual Realityp. 117
Strengthsp. 117
Weaknessesp. 117
Choosing Augmented Realityp. 119
Strengthsp. 120
Weaknessesp. 121
Chapter 7Planning Your Virtual Reality Projectp. 123
Defining Your Virtual Reality Projectp. 123
Determining your project executionp. 124
Defining your audiencep. 125
Determining hardware supportp. 125
Defining your timelinep. 128
Exploring Design Principles in Virtual Realityp. 129
Starting upp. 129
Focusing the user's attentionp. 130
Understanding the comfort zonep. 131
Giving the user controlp. 134
Understanding locomotionp. 134
Providing feedbackp. 136
Following the user's gazep. 137
Avoiding simulator sicknessp. 138
More best practices to considerp. 139
Defining Your Social Experiencep. 140
Chapter 8Planning Your Augmented Reality Projectp. 143
Defining Your Augmented Reality Projectp. 144
Determining hardware supportp. 144
Defining your timelinep. 147
Exploring Design Principles in Augmented Realityp. 148
Starting upp. 148
Considering the environmentp. 150
Understanding comfort zonesp. 152
Interacting with objectsp. 154
Exploring user interface patternsp. 158
Understanding textp. 159
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3p. 161
Defining Your Social Experiencep. 161
Chapter 9Creating Content for Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 163
Assessing Design Softwarep. 164
User experience design softwarep. 164
Traditional design toolsp. 169
VR/AR-based design toolsp. 172
Ready-made modelsp. 173
Capturing Real Lifep. 174
Video-capture optionsp. 175
Still-image capture optionsp. 178
Audio optionsp. 181
Spatial audiop. 184
Assessing Development Softwarep. 185
Game development enginesp. 185
Mobile augmented reality developmentp. 189
WebVRp. 190
Distributing Your Contentp. 196
Virtual reality desktop headsetsp. 197
Virtual reality mobile headsetsp. 197
Google Cardboardp. 197
WebVRp. 198
Augmented reality headsetsp. 198
Mobile augmented realityp. 198
Other optionsp. 199
Part 4Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Wildp. 201
Chapter 10Exploring Virtual Reality Use Casesp. 203
Artp. 204
Tilt Brushp. 204
Pierre Chareau exhibitp. 207
Google Arts & Culture VRp. 208
Educationp. 209
Google Expenditions VRp. 210
Clouds Over Sidrap. 211
Apollo 11 VRp. 212
Entertainmentp. 213
Intel True VRp. 213
The Shardp. 216
Healthcarep. 218
Beatriz: A journey through Alzheimer's diseasep. 219
Virtual operating roomp. 221
Psychological therapyp. 222
Gamingp. 223
Rec Roomp. 223
VR arcadesp. 224
Chapter 11Exploring Augmented Reality Use Casesp. 227
Artp. 228
Facebook Building 20p. 228
Jeff Koons and Snapchatp. 229
Educationp. 231
Google Expenditionsp. 232
Major League Soccer Replayp. 233
Healthcare educationp. 233
Industry and Commercep. 236
Thyssenkruppp. 236
WorkLinkp. 237
Entertainmentp. 240
Star Wars: Jedi Challengesp. 241
The New York Times Winter Olympics ARp. 243
Kinect Sandboxp. 244
Utilitiesp. 247
Perinno-Unop. 247
Who Is It?p. 248
Part 5The Future of Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 251
Chapter 12Assessing the Future of Virtual Realityp. 253
Anticipating the Near-Future Changesp. 254
Evaluating the marketp. 254
Looking at upcoming hardware and softwarep. 255
Considering Virtual Reality's "Killer App"p. 260
Predicting the Impactp. 261
Chapter 13Assessing the Future of Augmented Realityp. 267
Analyzing Near Future Changesp. 268
Evaluating the marketp. 268
Considering AR's "Killer App"p. 269
Predicting the Impactp. 271
Part 6The Part of Tensp. 277
Chapter 14Ten Questions about Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 279
How Will Virtual and Augmented Reality Affect Me?p. 279
Which Technology Will Win?p. 280
What If I Don't Have a Headset?p. 281
How Large Will the Virtual and Augmented Reality Consumer Markets Get?p. 282
When Should I Enter the Market as a Consumer?p. 282
When Should My Company Enter the Market?p. 283
Which Virtual Reality Headset Is Right for Me?p. 284
What Could Impede the Growth of Virtual and Augmented Reality?p. 287
Are There Lasting Physical Effects?p. 287
What Is the Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality?p. 288
Chapter 15Ten Industries That Will Be Transformed by Virtual and Augmented Realityp. 289
Travelp. 290
Museumsp. 292
Aerospacep. 293
Retailp. 294
Militaryp. 295
Educationp. 297
Entertainmentp. 298
Real Estatep. 300
Advertising and Marketingp. 301
The Unknownp. 302
Chapter 16Ten (Or So) Mobile Apps for Experiencing Augmented Reality Todayp. 305
Google Translatep. 306
Amazong AR Viewp. 307
Blipparp. 308
AR Cityp. 308
ARisep. 311
Ingress and Pokémon Gop. 312
MeasureKit and Measurep. 313
InkHunterp. 313
Sketch ARp. 314
Find Your Car and Car Finger ARp. 315
Indexp. 317
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