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Small planet, small plates : Earth-friendly vegetarian recipes
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Wells's (One World Vegetarian Cookbook) latest focuses on small plates that can be mixed and matched to form tapas- or mezze-style meals. Recipes are organized alphabetically for the most part, with Desserts and Drinks in a separate section. She also includes menu suggestions; for instance, she recommends serving an Ecuadorian Casserole with Green Lentils alongside Marinated Cabbage Salad and Gingery Mashed Potato with Yogurt. Icons indicate vegan and vegan-adaptable dishes. VERDICT Vegetarians who like variety will enjoy combining these flavorful dishes, most of which can be made in 40 minutes or fewer. (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Moving toward a more vegetable-based diet is the only sustainable and healthy way to feed the world. The extraordinary abundance of nutritious plant foods gives great opportunities to conjure them into delicious, planet-friendly meals. Some of the best non-meat dishes come from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and presented here are the very highlights. This cookbook has tastes for every palate.
Table of Contents
Avocado tacosp. 16
Beancurd/tofu and mushroom stir-fryp. 18
Bean and pumpkin stewp. 20
Beans with turmeric and coconut milkp. 22
Bell pepper with eggplants/aubergines and tomatoesp. 24
Black-eyed pea/bean soupp. 26
Cardamom-flavored mushroom curryp. 28
Cashew nut and pumpkin saladp. 30
Casserole with green lentilsp. 32
Cheese and spinach pastriesp. 34
Chili bean fajitasp. 36
Chilied sweet potatoes and tomatoesp. 38
Coconut milk pumpkinp. 40
Coconut ricep. 42
Cool cucumber saladp. 44
Coriander carrots and potatoesp. 46
Couscous with mixed vegetablesp. 48
Cracked peppercorn and eggplant/aubergine saladp. 50
Creamy carrot and yogurt dipp. 52
Crunchy peanut butter spinachp. 54
Cucumber and sesame seed saladp. 56
Cumin carrotsp. 60
Curried eggplants/auberginesp. 62
Curried potatoesp. 64
Date, cheese and walnut tasterp. 66
Eggplants/aubergines with pimiento dressingp. 68
Fragrant avocado dipp. 70
Fried rice with beancurd/tofup. 72
Fennel, rice and spinach dishp. 74
Gingered bean curryp. 76
Gingery mashed potato with yogurtp. 78
Green lentil dhalp. 80
Groundnut/peanut stewp. 82
Hearty lentil soupp. 84
Hot cabbage with mustard seedsp. 86
Hotpot with mixed vegetablesp. 88
Kidney bean casserolep. 90
Lentil and garbanzo/chickpea curryp. 92
Lettuce and raisin saladp. 94
Marinated cabbage saladp. 96
Mashed spicy eggplant/auberginep. 98
Minted tomato and cucumber saladp. 102
Mixed vegetable curry with coconutp. 104
Mushrooms and gingerp. 106
Nutmeg potatoesp. 108
Olive saladp. 110
Papaya/paw-paw curry with garbanzos/chickpeasp. 112
Peppery potatoes with eggplant/auberginep. 114
Pineapple and avocado saladp. 116
Piquant potato fries/chipsp. 118
Potato and bell peppers with cuminp. 120
Potatoes with misop. 122
Pumpkin curryp. 124
Pumpkin or butternut squash soupp. 126
Red pimiento and pine nutsp. 128
Rich lentil and potato dhalp. 130
Rotis with coconutp. 132
Samosasp. 134
Sauteed eggplants/aubergines in chili-bean saucep. 136
Savory banana snacksp. 138
Sesame and paprika eggplants/auberginesp. 140
Spiced apple chutneyp. 144
Spicy vegetables in coconut milkp. 146
Spinach and bell peppersp. 148
Spinach and potato casserolep. 150
Stir-fried veg combo with beancurd/tofup. 152
Sweet potato bhaji snackp. 154
Tabboulehp. 156
Tahini and yogurt dipp. 158
Tajinep. 160
Tangy eggplant/aubergine dipp. 162
Tomato saladp. 164
Tomato soup with beancurd/tofup. 166
Vegetables in coconut milkp. 168
vegetable stir-fry with gingerp. 170
Walnut, cumin and sesame nibblesp. 172
Walnut dip with cuminp. 174
Yogurt piqued with mustard seeds, and tomatoesp. 176
Zesty tomato toppingp. 178
Desserts and Drinks
Banana breadp. 182
Bananas with hot and sweet saucep. 184
Caraway and ginger teap. 186
Chocolate rum cakep. 188
Classic rum punchp. 190
Coconut sweetmeatsp. 192
Date and walnut delightsp. 194
Date cookiesp. 196
Fudge with bananap. 198
Ginger-hot gingerbreadp. 200
Golden corn/maize breadp. 202
Granadilla/passion fruit cocktailp. 204
Granadilla/passion fruit juicep. 206
Honeyed coriander teap. 208
Lassi yogurt drinkp. 210
Melon and kiwi fruit daiquirip. 212
Mint teap. 214
Pack-a-punch ginger beerp. 216
Rum swizzle with mint and limep. 218
Sesame and peanut crunchp. 220
Spicy baked bananasp. 222
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