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The truth about forever
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Fiction/Biography Profile
Macy Queen (Female), Student, Grieving over the unexpected death of her father; hides behind a happy facade and good grades; gets a job washing dishes at a catering company; falls in love with Wes
Delia (Female), Caterer, Pregnant, Forgetful, runs Wish catering
Wes (Male), Delia's nephew; artistic; in love with Macy
Young adult fiction
Coming of age
Death of a parent
New beginnings
Life changes
Falling in love
Teenage girls
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  Publishers Weekly Review

In this contemporary romance, Dessen (This Lullaby) gracefully balances comedy with tragedy and introduces a complex heroine worth getting to know. While recovering from her father's sudden death, Macy clings to things that are safe and predictable, notably her brilliant, oh-so-steady boyfriend Jason. ("Anything he did, he did well," Macy explains. "A lot of people might find this annoying, even loathsome. But not me. He was just what I needed.") When Jason goes off to "Brain Camp" for the summer and announces (via e-mail) that he wants to put their relationship on hold, Macy must find happiness and reassurance on her own. Much to her sensible mother's dismay, Macy impulsively takes a job at a disorganized catering company, working for very pregnant Delia, a woman who thrives on chaos. As a caterer's assistant, Macy endures flying meatballs, spilt wine, irate clients, inebriated guests and, at the same time, feels more alive than she has since her father's death--especially when she's around Wes, the sensitive, artistic bartender who seems to understand Macy better than anyone else. On one level, the novel traces the growing intimacy between Macy and Wes; on another, it examines the healing process as Macy allows herself to grieve. Readers will cheer Macy on as she tentatively reenters the world of the living by taking risks and relearning how to act spontaneously, embracing change rather than avoiding it. Ages 12-up. (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved All rights reserved.
A New York Times bestseller <br>  <br> Expect the unexpected. <br>  <br> Macy's got her whole summer carefully planned.<br>  <br> But her plans didn't include a job at Wish Catering. And they certainly didn't include Wes.<br>  <br> But Macy soon discovers that the things you expect least are sometimes the things you need most.<br>  <br> "Dessen gracefully balances comedy with tragedy and introduces a complex heroine worth getting to know." -- Publishers Weekly <br>  <br> Also by Sarah Dessen: <br> Along for the Ride <br> Dreamland <br> Just Listen <br> Keeping the Moon <br> Lock and Key <br> The Moon and More <br> Someone Like You <br> That Summer <br> This Lullaby <br> What Happened to Goodbye
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